Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Bites: Hing Fat Tea House (Hong Kong)

After our substantial seafood lunch at Lamma Island, we took the ferry back to Central and did some shopping. After a quick pit stop at Lux in Lan Kwai Fong (an area in Hong Kong that is world-renowned for its night life), our tummies were once again signaling us for a refill. Too tired to think and feeling grimy from all that walking, I- along with Foxychef, Beersponge and Juggies (my parents have already gone back to the hotel), decided to take the MTR back to Tsim Sha Tsui, head straight to the hotel and order room service.

From the station, we were walking towards Canton Road when Foxychef spotted the assortment or restaurants and bars in Ashley Road. We stopped in front of a small teahouse where there was a glistening combination of roasted meats hanging behind their glass window. We did not even have to think since our stomachs made the decision for us. We immediately walk into the busy dining room and order.

The dining room of Hing Fat was typical of any Hong Kong tea house: walls plastered with pictures of the house specialties (in this case, everything in the menu was on display), the lighting severe, the decors simple and utilitarian.

First to arrive was the Roast Pork. We were so hungry that we dove into it before our fried rice arrives. The skin was crispy with a good blistery top, like a perfectly-cooked lechon kawali. The meat was so tender and flavorful that I did not find myself looking for the sauce.

Next up was our order of one-half Roast Goose. Again, it was perfectly roasted and flavorful, the considerable layer of fat under the skin ensuring the mouth-watering moistness of the meat. There’s really nothing left to say.

To balance out our heart attack-inducing meal, we ordered some Broccoli with Garlic and Red Peppers, along with several pots of complimentary hot tea.

We loved this place so much that we took my parents here after Sunday mass. My dad, a big fan of Cantonese food, had nothing but good things to say about the dishes that we ordered. Also a horse-racing aficionado, he was more than pleased when the manager was kind enough to switch to the horse-racing channel so that he can catch the Mercedes Benz Derby Trials in Sha Tin on the flat screen in front of us. In my dad’s world, that meal could not have gotten any better.

Hing Fat Tea House
Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong, China


Noel said...

Lan Kwai Fong (an area in Hong Kong that is world-renowned for its night life).

Mostly for the young gwai-lo. You were shopping around here? I happen to know there are a lot of *eherm* "naughty" shops a stone's throw from there. Shopping for the honeymoon, perhaps?

Kidding aside, since you were in the area and peckish, you could have walked around the corner to Wellington Road and had the best century eggs and roast goose in the area at Yung Kee. Next you go, let me know beforehand and I'll give you a list of restaurants to try out.

A friend of mine part-owns (or he did at the time, anyway) one of the "hotter" café/bars in LKF back in the mid-late '90s - called La Dolce Vita. It was beside this dance place called Club '97 which, I recall was also part-owned by him. Are those places still alive?


Chinkee said...

Hi Noel! Actually, the shopping we did was pretty tame... Just clothes at H & M right across Landmark. A few meters away from that is already D'Aguilar, which is perpendicular to Lan Kwai Fong.

I think those clubs you mentioned are still open, and if I remember correctly, they were right across that bar we were at.

We love Yung Kee! We eat there everytime we visit, maybe that's why we skipped it during this particular trip. But, yes, the goose is very good. A couple of years back we actually ate there thrice in one trip. Exage...

I was actually craving for really good steak when I was there since I'm not as big a fan of chinese food as the others. But, wala, I was outnumbered eh. OK lang, I'll just buy steak at Santis.:-)

Yes, please e-mail me a list of HK restaurants for future reference...

Noel said...

Yes, please e-mail me a list of HK restaurants for future reference...

Will do.