Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Bites: Uncle Moe's

Matt and I almost broke up because of their Chicken Shawarma.

Yes, I admit it was lame, fueled mostly by too many rounds of Irish Peckers (we came from a pub), but for some reason I was insanely jealous. Instead of spending time with me, he would much rather go all the way to Pasig in the wee hours to chomp down on the grilled Middle-eastern snack. I was furious and I thought he was being- as Jennifer Aniston famously put it- “uncool”.

The following day, sober and sheepish, I agreed to go with him to Uncle Moe’s to try their famous Chicken Shawarma. If I almost lost my fiancĂ© because of it, it better be worth it.

The restaurant/bar’s clientele are mostly visitors of the nearby driving range, as well as the residents of the neighboring villages. Despite being in the same row as a couple of well-known pizza places, it seems to have gained quite a following on its own. The eatery has both indoor and al fresco seating, where customers (from boardshorts-wearing college boys to well-dressed, Ferrari driving professionals) can enjoy a few beers and some well-chosen Middle-eastern dishes, the most popular of which is the chopped grilled chicken wrapped in warm pita bread.

You can either order the regular Chicken Shawarma (which comes with chopped raw cabbage, onions and tomatoes) or the all-chicken version. I decided to order the regular size, while Matt expectedly went for their large one.

It was truly the best Chicken Shawarma I have ever tasted. The meat was moist, the marinade mildly pungent and flavorful. The garlic sauce was creamy and not overwhelming at all. I appreciated that the vegetables were fresh and crisp, which gave a nice contrast in texture.

I gobbled down my order in less than two minutes, taking bites off Matt’s second order, as he watched me condescendingly. I admit when the battle is lost and when it is time to accept defeat, so I allowed him some well-deserved gloating as I picked off his plate.

At least now I know we will never fight about Chicken Shawarma again.

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub
City Golf Plaza
(Across Valle Verde 3)
J. Vargas Ave., Pasig City


Ann Rosales said...

i should have gone with you guys!!! i want chicken shawarma right now!!!

Chinkee said...

Hi Ann! Yeah you should have gone with us! I really wasn't expecting it to be that good, but it really was THAT GOOD.:-)

Miguel said...

Cool...a "healthy" shawarma...will have to try that soon :)

Chinkee said...

Hi Miguel! Yes, that is cool, isn't it?:-) So nice to find something that is delicious yet would not give us a heart attack. Hehe.