Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kebabs You'll Love

I like to think that I am the foodie in my marriage, although Matt has introduced me to a few culinary gems.  One of them is kebabs. Persian or Turkish, these delectable grilled meats- seasoned with exotic spices and classically-accessorized with tomatoes and onions- have become one of our regular cravings.  Quezon City and Pasay have Mister Kabab, while Malate has Shawarma Snack Center.  But, unfortunately, Makati is short of a good, reasonably-priced, neighborhood kebab joint.
That was until we discovered Combos Bread Company: Bakery & Café.  I caught a glimpse of their Iskender Kebab on Instagram which was posted by a friend and fellow Makati resident.  I showed Matt the photo and I knew that it would not be a hard sell.  Soon enough we were at the cozy restaurant, checking out their concise food menu.

The eatery is a house which was converted into a restaurant, bedecked in pricey-looking rattan chairs and clumsy knickknacks.  The owner- a tall, lanky Turkish man with an easy, sincere smile- is sometimes found chilling out front if he’s not in the kitchen preparing dishes.  Apparently, he is an experience baker, hence the name of his establishment.  Knowing this, it was a sin for us to not have ordered his baguettes.
These baguettes were sliced and doused with a flavorsome tomato sauce under the Iskender Kebab- thinly sliced lamb with a huge dollop of homemade yogurt.  An ideal dish for sharing, this was served to us relatively mild so we asked for their hot sauce.  Problem solved.

Matt and I shared the Beef Kebab which was served in their signature baguette- and it was pure goodness.  The seasoned (and oh so juicy) ground beef are grilled on skewers, then served in a crispy baguette with tomatoes, onions and a slathering of garlic yogurt.  This is, by far, “the best kebab in Manila” according to Matt.  Not like his beloved doener from Germany (thanks to their Turkish immigrants, of course), but he is smitten with Combos kebabs, nonetheless.

I tried their Beef Shawarma, which was also served in their delicious bread.  The garlic yogurt is not as strong as the ones I am used to, but what I noticed is that with every bite comes a fresh layer of flavor, which I think showed technique and finesse.  You don’t get that in kebab joints too often.
There are still so many interesting dishes to try, like a Chicken Kebab Pasta (!) and their Baklava, which was out of stock.  Just a tiny warning: service is quite slow when they are packed, so if you don’t have the patience, come at an odd time.  But I assure you, like all good things, it will be worth the wait.

Combos Bread Company: Bakery & Café
Kalayaan Ave. corner Matilde St. (beside Grilla)
Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Tel. no. (632) 553 5571


Top Cuisine avec Lavi said...

this kebab looks amazing!

Chinkee said...

Top Cuisine- Oh yes! And their bread is amazing!:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! So where is the best doener kebab in Metro Manila that is as close to those found in Germany? :)

Chinkee said...

Anon- Matt and I have tried some places that claim to have German-Turkish doener kebabs, but unfortunately they don't come close according to Matt. Its sad though... I really want to try what an awesome doener kebab tastes like!:-(