Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Deal on a Great Piece of Meat

Ask anyone who knows me, and “bargain hunter” will most definitely NOT fall under a long list of glowing descriptions. Not because I have money coming out of my nose- no, not at all. Thing is, I do have the general qualities that make a bad shopper- I am famously impatient, as well as dreadfully impulsive. When I walk into a mall, I quickly pick up the things I need- along with a few pieces I don’t- and proceed to reward myself with some food. I barely have the fortitude to whittle down my choices from 10, to 5, and then to 1 (something Matt does, to my irritation)- much more find sales and promotions in Manila’s hundreds of mushrooming malls.

But, once in a while, a good deal falls squarely on my lap without my looking. As I do my daily Facebook routine, I discover I’m Angus’ Prime Rib Dinner on Säntis Delicatessen’s page. Check this out: a thick slice of Prime Rib (prepared to your liking) with salad, baked potato and a glass of Argentine red wine. For Php980.00 net. Immediate reaction: Holy sh_t! My thought after a few minutes of cynical pondering: Too good to be true.

So, the only way to find out for sure is to try it out. Matt and I arrive at the polished but cozy restaurant- with its modern take on the classic western steakhouse (inclusive of female servers in cowgirl garb)- and were immediately seated on our reserved table for two. Tables were quickly filled up as dinner service progressed, and we discover through Gail (Chesa Bianca’s manager, who was also overseeing I’m Angus’ operations which is currently without an OIC) this promo has been on-going since the resto opened three years ago. It was so successful that they decided to keep doing it twice a week- every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The salads came almost immediately- along with our glasses of Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon- to get our dinner started. There was a choice between Caesar salad and mixed greens with orange vinaigrette- I opted for the latter. It was simple and refreshing- not overtly tart or sweet.

After a quick rest, we were served our orders of prime rib. The first thing we noticed was the size- they obviously did not scrimp on the beef. Worried about getting a miniscule serving in accordance with the price, I asked the receptionist when I called to reserve how big the servings of beef were. “250 grams”, she replied without hesitation. But, what we were served that night was definitely more than that, Matt observed. He wanted to confirm it with the waitress, and I immediately stop him with my most piercing glare. “Why would you want to do that?” I hissed. Their portions are perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Their baked potatoes were a treat, and I had them pile on the sour cream, bacon and chives on mine. We requested for all our favorite condiments along with their peppercorn sauce which, in my opinion, is the best one out there. Most peppercorn sauces I have tried are basically brown sauce with some whole peppercorn in it. I’m Angus’ version is heavily infused with that spiced, earthy flavor of good black pepper, and it was the first time that I truly enjoyed pouring sauce on my steak since I was a gravy-crazy child. Another note-worthy condiment is their freshly-grated horseradish. They could have easily served a bottled-variety from Säntis, but opting for the fresh, crisp version was a nice touch.

I would highly recommend this promo to the hardiest of carnivores out there. The quality of the meat is exceptional, although if I must nitpick, the problem I have always had with this steakhouse is their consistency in terms of doneness. My supposedly medium-rare steak was more medium, even medium well on some parts. Good thing the meat was still juicy and tender that I could not complain. Next time, I suppose a better option would be to have a rare piece of meat seared quickly over the grill to the desired doneness. But, other than that, I would surely make several more visits, as long as supplies (and my health) will allow.

I’m Angus Steakhouse
Yakal St. San Antonio Village
Makati City
Tel. no. (632) 892 6206


anonymouspaul said...

A regular prime rib dinner portion at Gulliver's is around P800. Never mind the wait staff in pirate/wench uniforms

Chinkee said...

Anonymouspaul- Hahahahaha! Yeah, I was both amused and annoyed when I walked into Gulliver's for the first time. It was truly a "WTF" moment. Does it also come with a glass of wine?:-)

anonymous paul said...

hmm nope but the prime rib's pretty consistent

Ming Andrada said...

What I like in here is the wine :) There is also a store in Serendra selling damn good wine. It's Murray and D'vine :)