Thursday, June 3, 2010

When Kate Baked

I needed a short pause before writing this entry, not because of the complexity of the topic at hand, but because I needed some time to regain my composure.

After having an excellent meal or a superb bottle of wine, maybe even a phenomenal evening all in all, I give myself some time to step back from my euphoria and look at the meal (or wine, or evening) from a more objective point-of-view. Nothing is more annoying than a gushy writer- an obvious fan (or friend) whose sole objective is to build up the chef or the restaurant and gives nothing by flawless and sparkly information, in turn misleading the reader and giving a false impression.

What makes this entry difficult to write is because I am indeed both fan and friend. Kate Baked Cookies is the handiwork of one of my best friends and fellow food fiend Kate Santos, a.k.a Cookie Goddess. Her home-baked cookies have been famous in our circle (and several others) for a few years now, their popularity continuing to grow, thanks mostly to the (very) satisfied customers who never fail to sing the big, chewy cookies praises.

Having lost my “sweet tooth” after my mom discouraged my chocolate addiction at a young age, very seldom do I have cravings for desserts. Once in a while, I would spot a box of truffles or a slice of cheesecake and, yes, I might get tempted and give in. But, I must admit, Kate Baked Cookies are one of those things that could be devastatingly addicting. Just ask the sexy restauranteur who polishes off a dozen in one sitting, or the French instructor who orders several boxes at a time for him and his wife.

I myself cannot point a finger at what makes these cookies so good. It must be the total sensory experience- from the pretty sky blue box, to the chocolate or butterscotch mounds atop huge discs the size of saucers, to the comforting scent that only freshly-baked cookies can conjure. The texture as you bite into it is undeniably chewy, you can feel its baked goodness almost melting in your mouth. The molten chips of chocolate (in this case, either dark, white or milk chocolate Toblerone) add a sweet creaminess to an already decadent dessert. Am I gushing? Darn it!

Go ahead and try them yourself, they are simply scrumptious. And I’m not just saying that because Kate is my friend.

Photography by Pearl Perlada for Big Bang Studios

Kate Baked Cookies


Noel said...

Chinks, do they deliver? If not, where is pick up? I'm no cookie or sweets fan either as you know, but my boys are. Will order them some.



Chinkee said...

Hi Noel! Kate lives in Greenhills so its pretty far from where you are, but I suppose she can drop them off somewhere in Makati. Just text her, I'm sure she would be able to arrange something.:-)

Noel said...

Cool, ok, texted her already.



Noel said...

The 4 dozen I got lasted barely 3 days. That was just my kids, really - Catha and I had maybe one or one-and-a-half cookies each.


Chinkee said...

That's truly the best compliment, Noel. Your kids pa are such good eaters. I'm sure Kate is kilig. Thanks for the feedback:-)

Kate said...

Noel, thank you so much for ordering. I'm truly ecstatic that your family enjoyed the cookies! *kilig*

Anonymous said...

Chinkee! I just saw this!!

Yes, her cookies are very good esp the one with the figs!!

Kate--remember when you sent me some and we finished the container? ah la la how can we lose weight with this temptation haha.

Chinx, what wine can you recommend with cookies? (I will be in AA soon...) haha

kat pacheco said...

please visit our Cravings and TCB outlets and avail of our Unlimited Cake and Coffee for only P 150.00 . Hope to see you there !!